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https://pcopticlean.com/kb_tune-up-pc.php http://305forlife.com/yugo/windows-10-1903.html http://sleevedbeauty.com/x4s/s9-bloatware-removal.html http://development.rw2gallery.com/shxxuw/c7rg.php?hq=citrix-windows-10-1809 http://www.ezgibeyza.com/j87vd/vce.php?ocb=citrix-windows-10-1809 http://insideforum.ru/Pc-decrapifier-windows-10.html

Yes. It is currently tested on Windows 7, 8 and 10. It may still work on Windows XP and Vista, however The PC Decrapifier is not actively tested on these versions of Windows. Camera/Mic not working in Windows 10 - Decrapifier Script? Right now I'm imaging two computers with a Windows 10 1803 base image. I'm going to decrapify one, and not the other, see what happens. I'm going to decrapify one, and not the other, see what happens. Windows 10 Decrapifier, 18XX/19XX - community.spiceworks.com Windows 10 Decrapifier for 18XX/19XX ----- A cleanup script for Windows 10 18XX?19XX aiming to get an LTSB-type experience on ... although it will work, some settings will not. Version 2 is still available and works great on those older Windows builds. Editable variables are near the top of the script. There are 2: one for the apps you want to keep, and custom XML for a start menu layout. Télécharger PC Decrapifier (gratuit) - commentcamarche.net

Battery saving tips for your PC - Windows Help Battery saving tips. Content provided by Microsoft. Applies to like automatic email and calendar syncing, live tile updates, and apps you’re not actively using. Using battery saver is the easiest way to extend battery life. ... see, Surface battery won’t charge or Surface won’t run on battery on Windows 10 or PC is charging slowly or ... Bloatware - Windows 10 Forums 2017-3-3 · PC Decrapifier will take most if not all of the bloatware off for you Uninstall the Bloatware Windows 10 came with in Software and Apps. ... I'm working on a PowerShell script to work with Windows 10 Enterprise and my imaging tools with the intent of creating a Windows 10 image for my workplace, and remove the bloatware that comes ... Windows 10 1803 Update Failure | Hacker News Windows 10 is extremely backwardly compatible with earlier versions. At the day job we have a number of legacy apps, things built in VB6 for instance, and they worked first time on Windows 10. To be clear, we are talking about applications written around 20 years ago, which are still working on Windows 10.

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Do you want to remove bloatware and crapware from your computer? Well, check this list of the best bloatware remover software for Windows. PC World by Yutthchai Uthaipan - Issuu Microsoft kicked off the new trend at the end of May with its launch of Windows Live OneCare, which combines antivirus, antispyware, and firewall tools with Windows’ defragging and cleanup utilities in one easy-to-use interface. 5 Tools to Remove Pre-Installed Software From New Computers… PC Decrapifier uses an internal list of items so if your junk items are not in the list, they won’t be detected, something to watch for on computers from 2014/2015 and newer. What is bloatware? How to remove Bloatware? - Blog T.I.P.S Bloatware are software applications that are pre-installed on the device, or built-in operating systems that you can not uninstall in the usual way. The term bl

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